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Sunshine by Wess Fosso
Forgiveness, Sunshine, Easy listening, Coconut tree
Shadowy guitar
Wess Fosso Shadowy Guitar
Sunshine album
Wess Fosso Sunshine Album

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Originally from Cameroon, singer-guitarist, I started the paying scene in Gabon. The other scene-always-free was in Cameroon, but we shall talk about later ! From 1984 to 1989 I am semi-pro actor in the Gabones Channel 1 TV troupe, so called "Tele-Theatre". Musician in various groups "Capo Sound" among other things, before 'landing in France in November 1990 for short-Technique Philosophy-Tech sciences studies . Few courses in the wild, of sound engineering. Self-training in music and electronics complete the canvas ... Interpreted in Cameroonian, Gabonese, Creole, English and French languages, the texts of my songs speak "polyglots" as well. They are built on a mixed-up music for listening and dancing ... My songs are like my trail: full of changes, and "do-it-yourself" mixtures of all kinds, such things that Parisians managers of Human Resources , don't like, for whom a curriculum vitae should be flat, smooth and homogeneous ... especially not artistic ! Imagine the mess to integrate a "real" work with a pay stub ...?